Cleaning Operators Certificate

Happy Hands Domestic Cleaning Services Limited runs the BICSc Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate Scheme. Our ‘in house’ assessor is responsible for the training of cleaning staff within the operation. BICSc appoints an independent moderator, who helps us ensure that the scheme is operated fairly and to a proper standard.

To qualify for a Certificate, a cleaner must successfully complete the assessments for the skills as follows:- Stage 1, minimum 10 skills, Stage 2 – any 10 of the remaining skills, Stage 3 – any 10 of the remaining skills. The tasks to be assessed are selected entirely. The assessments are carried out by Happy Hands.

When cleaning staff have successfully completed all the required assessments, BICSc is notified and Certificates are issued.

The course highlights Happy Hands professional standards of recruiting qualified operators.

Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate

How to:

  • Improve cleaning standards
  • Benefit from cost effective training and assessment
  • Motivate and give recognition to those directly engaged on cleaning tasks

The Scheme provides for the qualification of cleaning operators and highlights the professional approach of Happy Hands Domestic Cleaning Services Limited. It does so by setting a standard for the level of skills achievement that cleaning staff should have.

The tasks covered are:

AA1 Chemical competence
AA2 Machines: Safe use and care
AA3 Storage of equipment
A1 Mop sweeping
A2 Single solution mopping
A3 Two solution mopping
A4 Buffing
A5 Spray cleaning
A6 Machine scrubbing and drying
A7 Strip, dry and reapply emulsion polish
A8A Prepare and reapply a semi permanent seal using an abrasive mesh disc
A8C Prepare and reapply a semi permanent seal using a chemical stripping agent
A9 Bonnet mopping
A10 Vitrification
A11 Scrubber drying with a battery powered scrubber drier
A12 Scrubber drying with an electrically Powered scrubber drier
A13 Machine sweeping with a battery powered sweeper
A14 Machine sweeping with a petrol/propane powered sweeper
A15 Cleaning of stairs, landings, balustrades and handrails
A16 Drum sanding

B1 Suction cleaning
B2 Hot water extraction
B3 Dryfoam shampooing
B4A Wet shampooing
B4B Dry powder/granules carpet cleaning
B5 Carpet skimming

C1 High level cleaning
C2 Wall washing
C3 Window cleaning
C4 Pressure washing
C5 Graffiti removal
C6 Dry steam cleaning
C7 Ventilation extract grille cleaning

D1 Dust, damp wipe, wash, polish application
D2 Upholstery shampooing
D3 Cleaning toilets/sluices/urinals
D4 Cleaning basins/baths/showers/bidets

E1 Stain removal
E2 Simple access equipment
E3 Cleaning personal computers
E4 Cleaning lifts
E5 Cleaning telephones

F1 Litter picking
F2 Wastes clearance
F2A Unblocking of waste chutes
F3 Cleaning bin areas
F4 Control of body fluid contamination and sharps

To register to do the course you can book on-line.

Candidate registration – £15
Training Course – £250
Certificates are issued at one per stage at £25.